Sweating The Small Stuff

010 - Special Thank You Episode For All Our Listeners

And Bonus Rapid Fire Minisode!

3 years ago

Dear Listeners,

Hi all! Your personal Brain Trainer Cameron Boozarjomehri here. For our 10th episode I wanted to take a moment to have a heart to heart and thank everyone who has been with us uptil this point. Whether you've been listening, subscribing, commenting, sharing, or just stumbled across this episode in the backlog I want to say Thank You! It is still early days for Sweating The Small Stuff, and that's why it's important to me to share how much I appreciate everyone's involvement.

If you haven't already, please please please reach out to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube or visit our website at the link below for more. Please make sure to reach out and let us know about the small stuff you're sweating with #SmallStuffShow, even if you already have! And if you are liking the show we hope you'll share it with friends and leave a review on itunes so others can find us!

Don't worry, I am still bringing you a quality show! Infact for todays episode we have a special minisode lined up from our submission to the Rode Microphone Podcasting Competition!. We hope you enjoy it as much as the others! And yes, in the episode the audio bounces between Sam and I, don't worry, that's intentional.

Sincerely (and Gratefully), Cameron Boozarjomehri And all the other awesome people who have supported this show (Co-Hosts included)

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