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034 - Matt Brady: A Better Way To Teach, Powered by Pop Culture

Getting serious with TheScienceOf

3 years ago

Matt Brady is a full-time teacher, science communicator with experience in pop culture/comics journalism, co-founder of the award winning comics news site Newsarama.com, and founder of thescienceof.org. This week he was gracious enough to take time out of his schedule to talk to us about how we can all help get the next generation of brilliant minds excited about Science Technology Engineering and Math! And most importantly, he shares his journey bringing what he's learned to educators everywhere!

Join your Personal Brain Trainer Cameron Boozarjomehri and special guest expert Matt Brady as they explore the Power of Pop Culture in education!

Keep an eye out for his forthcoming book “Science of Rick and Morty” set to drop this October! And make sure to head over to our Patreon for a special bonus conversation with Matt about how he challenges young minds to take on STEM!

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