Sweating The Small Stuff

013 - Futurama: What You Didn't Know!

How one of TVs funniest Sci-Fi shows has a beautifully meaningful intro sequence!

4 years ago

Futurama is a real banger of a TV show (Why'd you think it was smart to cancel it Fox?!), but one of it's most excellent elements maybe one of the biggest things most fans overlook. So this week we are taking a (uniquely long) deep dive into the themes and detail that make Futurama's intro one of the most visually entertaining and easily overlooked aspects of the shows incredible run!

Join your Personal Brain Trainer (Cameron Boozarjomehri) and special co-host and Mind Fiend... Keon Boozarjomehri as they dig into the stunning details of Futurama's opening sequence

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