Sweating The Small Stuff

037 - Hackable?: Bringing Cyber Security To The Masses!

Geoff Siskind and Bruce Snell are on a mission to protect your digital identity!

3 years ago

"Hackable?" is a podcast. A podcast made by McAfee to teach the world about the very real dangers hackers pose against your digital identity. A podcast I strongly recommend you checkout if you care at all about that sort of thing. But what sets it apart is that it's, well... Fun! Hackable is the first show we ever experienced where real experts make it possible for normal people like you and I to learn what we need to know to protect our digital identities! They take real hacks and make them easy to understand by showing us how they can happen during our day to day lives! That's why we wanted them to come on our show and teach us a thing or two about sweating the small stuff!

Join your Personal Brain Trainer Cameron Boozarjomehri, special guest host Geoff Siskind, and cyber security expert Bruce Snell as they sweat over what it takes to make complicated topics accessible for everyone!

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