Sweating The Small Stuff

019 - Black Mirror: The Social Trap

Your Privacy 's Been Blown To Smithereens!

4 years ago

Black Mirror is Back Y'all and this season is just as poignant as ever! But one episode really stood out. I'm talking about S5E2 "Smithereens". This episode covers so very much but we figured we could stick to the high level stuff here. 1) Just how much data can these companies get (even when they aren't tracking you?) 2) Who's really at fault for making our smart devices so addictive? 3) Can you really Google your way through a kidnapping?!

Join your Personal Brain Trainer Cameron Boozarjomehri and special co-host and Mind Fiend Keon Boozarjomehri as we shine a light on the shadier parts of the digital landscape!

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